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Insurance Litigation

Providing Quality, Client-Focused Services

Fighting against a huge, well-funded corporate behemoth is not a battle anyone should take on alone. If you feel that your insurer is playing games with your claim and running the “delay, deny, and defend” script, turn to the Law Offices of David A Kaufman, APC for assistance in getting your rightful benefits.

We are committed to helping plaintiff tort claimants recover full and fair compensation on insurance litigation and general commercial disputes. Attorney David Kaufman is committed to providing you with top-notch insurance litigation services. He is a dedicated advocate who fights for your rights to recover full benefits due under your policy.

Combining Empathy with Experience

Mr. Kaufman understands his client's situation. He knows what it feels like for the insured to pay premiums, thinking they have the protection promised to them in so many advertisements. So often, they wake up to the cruel reality that there is no coverage for their loss, and their insurer finds every excuse in the book to delay or deny them coverage.

Our Commitment to You

If there is a denial by your insurance carrier, we will look at the policy language to find coverage there, which we often do successfully. However, if your insurer is withholding full benefits due under the policy or is underpaying a claim, we will fight tirelessly to get you the rightful payment due — and nothing less.

Our team will put the pieces together on the claims adjudication process and pursue tort claims for a breach of their covenant of good faith and fair dealing. This will happen if your insurer has tipped their hand and shown a willingness to place their own interests ahead of yours in contravention of their duties under the law.

Why Trust David Kaufman?

Attorney David Kaufman is well-versed in the insurance business and knows firsthand the tactics insurers use to boost their bottom line. Insurance carriers delay, deny, and defend claims to wrongfully withhold benefits from the insured. It is a big corporate machine that consumes premiums but makes it very difficult for people to obtain their due benefits.

Mr. Kaufman recognizes this system works against policyholders, so he fights it with years of experience and genuine empathy for his clients. You can rely on Mr. Kaufman as he tirelessly advocates for clients who need a determined and dedicated lawyer who will work hard and intelligently to get tangible results.

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